Nowadays life is so fast paced that we could all do with more time to get things done, so anything that can be streamlined should be! These really handy Excel shortcuts will save you some precious minutes (or hours!) so you can fit in the more important things.

There are tons of shortcuts in Excel, but here are the most frequently used ones:

Navigation Shortcuts

These simple shortcuts can help you navigate between workbooks, sheets, rows and columns:

Move up through a selectionShift + Enter (PC and Mac)
Jump to the top of a columnCTRL + ↑ (PC); Command + ↑ (Mac)
Jump to the bottom of a columnCTRL + ↓ (PC); Command + ↓ (Mac)
Jump to the corner of a selection (Note: Rotate to each corner by repeating this keystroke)CTRL + . (PC and Mac)
Close the active workbook windowCTRL + w (PC); Command + W (Mac)
Switch to previous workbook windowCTRL + Shift + F6 (PC); Command + Shift + F6 (Mac)
Switch to the next open worksheetCTRL + Tab (Mac only)
Switch to the previous open worksheet (Mac)CTRL + Shift + Tab (Mac only)
Start a new chart sheetF11 (PC and Mac)
Insert a new sheetShift + F11 (PC and Mac)
Repeat the last actionCTRL + y (PC); Command + Y (Mac)
Fill selected cell with the content in the cell above selected cellCTRL + d (PC and Mac)
Fill selected cell with the content in the cell to the left of selected cellCTRL + r (PC and Mac)

Format Shortcuts

Formatting in Excel can be difficult if you don’t know of what you’re doing. Here are a few shortcuts that will help you easily format your cells. To start, here’s a featured formatting shortcut you might not have known about:

Excel Strikethrough Shortcut

The Excel strikethrough shortcut will strike a line through the middle of the value or text in a highlighted cell. To strike a line through a cell, highlight the cell and press CTRL + 5 on your keyboard.

Find and replace values
CTRL + F (PC); Command + F (Mac)
Show all values as percentagesCTRL + Shift + % (PC and Mac)
Show all values as currency (Note: Replace $ with your own country’s currency key)CTRL + Shift + $ (PC and Mac)
Show all values in general number formatCTRL + Shift + ~ (PC and Mac)
Apply or remove bold formatting to selected cellsCTRL + 2 (PC); Command + b (Mac)
Apply or remove italic formatting to selected cellsCTRL + 3 (PC); Command + i (Mac)
Hide selected rowsCTRL + 9 (PC and Mac)
Unhide selected rowsCTRL + Shift + ( (PC and Mac)
Hide selected columnsCTRL + 0 (PC and Mac)
Unhide selected columnsCTRL + Shift + ) (PC and Mac)
Insert current dateCTRL + ; (PC and Mac)
Insert current timeCTRL + Shift + : (PC); Command + ; (Mac)
Insert a hyperlinkCTRL + k (PC); Command + k (Mac)
Apply an outline border to selected cells (see screenshot below)CTRL + Shift + & (PC); Command + Option + 0 (Mac)

Shortcuts for Selecting Rows & Columns

Save yourself the manual dragging and selecting rows and columns with these handy keyboard tricks. To start, here are two featured rows-related shortcuts you might not have known about:

Excel Insert Row Shortcut

The insert row shortcut in Excel will create a new row below a highlighted cell. To insert a new row, highlight a cell or entire row and press CTRL + Shift + + on your keyword, literally pressing the plus sign after Shift. This will open a small window of options where you can insert a new row or column.

 Expand the selection by one cell either upward (↑) or downward (↓)Shift + ↑ [or] Shift + ↓ (PC and Mac)
Expand the selection to the last non-empty cellCTRL + Shift + Arrow Key (PC); Command + Shift + Arrow Key (Mac)
Select entire columnCTRL + [spacebar] (PC and Mac)
Select entire rowShift + [spacebar] (PC and Mac)
Select entire sheetCTRL + a (PC); Command + a (Mac)
Select only the visible cells in the current selectionAlt + ; (PC); Command + Shift + z (Mac)

Formula Shortcuts

Start a formula (e.g. “=A4+A5”)= (i.e. press the “equals” sign; PC and Mac)
Insert AutoSum formulaAlt + (PC); Command + Shift + t (Mac)
Edit active cellF2 (PC); CTRL + u (Mac)
Display the Formula Builder after you type a valid function name in a formulaCTRL + a (PC and Mac)

Miscellaneous Shortcuts

Here are a few more time-saving shortcuts. To start, here’s a final featured shortcut for managing the size of your Excel worksheet:

Excel Delete Row Shortcut

The Excel delete row shortcut will delete the row below a highlighted cell. To delete this row, highlight a cell or entire row and press CTRL + – on your keyboard, literally pressing the minus sign after CTRL. This will open a small window of options where you can “shift cells up.”

Save your work as…Control + Shift + s (PC); Command + Shift + s (Mac)
Open spelling & grammar checkF7 (PC and Mac)
Insert a comment (see screenshot below)Shift + F2 (PC and Mac)

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