Running your own business is hard work and can be extremely time consuming, with you often needing to spend hours trying to keep track of your financials and keep all your paperwork in order.  Wouldn’t you rather use this time to do something you enjoy? Using your skills to build the business you love rather than worrying about the upkeep of your books?  

Hiring a Bookkeeper ensures that your accounts are accurate, and you can feel confident should the HMRC come knocking at the door, not to mention that you can put all those pesky deadlines to the back of your mind!  Your business can be more profitable, more efficient and more competitive.  The real time information collected can offer new insight into your business and help you to make decisions for the future.  Also, when considering the future, it is important to have a full set of accounts reports should you decide to expand or even retire / sell your business.   

The top 5 benefits of hiring a Bookkeeper:

  1. Understanding those numbers:  as a business owner, you will already have a good grasp of your P&L (Profit and Loss), but a Bookkeeper can help to clarify anything that you may need a little help with and also to identify the cause of any irregularities in your financials.
  • Someone else gets to liaise with the HMRC: not only will a Bookkeeper provide the numbers required, they will also fill out the forms, file with the HMRC andensure that the payments are made on time.
  • Time to focus on the important things:  you will gain so much more time; time that can be spent planning for the business’ future, taking on more work or just putting your feet up at the end of a long day!  
  • Keeping on top of your invoicing: whether your Bookkeeper completes the invoicing for you or just frees up your plate enough for you to get to it sooner, you will be able to invoice quicker and get paid faster.
  • Providing handy advise:  sometimes it just really helps to have a fresh perspective on things. Can you afford to expand the business? Is that new supplier contract really cost effective?  How do you best manage your cash flow?    These are all things that a Bookkeeper can help with.

As, I am sure you will agree, the benefits of hiring a Bookkeeper can significantly outweigh the negative of any cost implications of paying for one!